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Sachin A Billion Dreams: Review and Insight

Sachin A Billion Dreams Review and Star Ratings

Movie Name: Sachin A Billion Dreams

Director: James ErskineDuration: 144 minutes

Nothing can be more synonymous to the famous refrain by Alfred L. Tennyson

“For men may come and men may go I go on forever” than SACHIN!!! SACHIN!!!

When a director contemplates to create a biopic, the margin of error reduces to little or none; and when that someone is “The God” himself, it becomes more of a responsibility to honor him. Cricket was never ‘just a sport’ in India, it was an imprint left behind by the colonial masters after 200 years of bloodshed. On the basis of language, religion, landscape and so many other features country stood divided. Gasping for breath country found cricket when it was in dire need of a medium to stand unified. In no time the sport turned out to be a religion and it waited till 1989 when a kid blessed the sport with his emergence. Who later turned out to be a phenomenon a worshipped divinity! This is where the biopic strikes the right chord, explaining the reason how a tender 16 year old kid turned into a Messiah after the days of Exodus (India-Pakistan Separation).

The biopic needs no spices to make it more compelling as it is a fairytale come true maybe once in a millennium. Hard work, patience, perseverance, grit of a legendary character portrayed efficaciously. Some might argue that narration could have been better with a star-voice roped in, but who cares for a star when you have the Sun (Sachin) himself. The biopic went on to glorify the nostalgic knocks that will live as folklore forever. Earth is round and so is this biopic, everything started as a dream in Mumbai and comes to a halt when Sachin lifts the famous World Cup 2011 trophy in Wankhede stadium Mumbai. Rattled by innumerous injuries yet finding a way back with the indomitable spirit was explicitly presented on the big screen.

Near Misses:

  • Missed out on the monk-like dedicated 241* vs. Australia at SCG.
  • Attempt to part away with controversies without a firm stand or a definitive viewpoint.
  • Terming 2003 Indian team as a strong team won’t get down well as a young team was just taking shape as per Wisden termed as ‘Stoic losers to chest-thumping warriors’.

OVERALL REVIEW: 4/5 (A MUST WATCH #HistoricExtravaganza)