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IPL Fantasy League 2017: Play and win Prizes

IPL Fantasy League 2017 team selection and prizes

Indian Premier League (IPL) has started official IPL Fantasy League 2017, which can be played at IPL 2017 Fantasy League. For those of you wondering what IPL Fantasy League is, let’s take a look.

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IPL Fantasy league is an online game organised by Indian Premier League officially, where the users create a virtual team from the allocated points budget. And you will earn the points on the basis of players of your choice performing in the actual matches. The team with the maximum points win.

How to create the account for IPL Fantasy League 2017?

  1. Visit
  2. Now click on Register Button to Sign Up
  3. Now Create New Account dialog box will appear, fill the form and Register or you can directly register through Facebook.
  4. And your Account is created.
  5. Now fill the form with your team details such as team name, team motto, supporting and select the logo for the team.

How to create your squad or Squad Selection ?

Initially you will be provided with 10 Million Virtual Dollar to create a team of 11 players. (All players should be selected within the limit). Every real-world player playing in IPL 2017 will be available for selection with its own cost, IPL franchise, playing role such as batsman, bowler, all-rounder or wicket-keeper and whether capped or uncapped by national team.

You can select a minimum of 4 or maximum 5 batsmen, minimum 2 or maximum 5 bowlers, minimum 1 or maximum 4 all-rounders and only one wicket-keeper is allowed.

Maximum of 4 overseas players can be selected and you have to select at least one uncapped player. Also, only a maximum 6 players can be selected from a single IPL franchise team.

Players can be changed before the scheduled time of the commencement of the match and one can change the team for every match.

Any one player can be assigned as the power player; points earned by the power player will be doubled. Power player cannot be changed or transferred during the match. It can only be changed before commencement of the match or after the match is over.

Format of the IPL Fantasy League 2017

There are two formats of the IPL Fantasy League:

Fantasy Championship

Fantasy Championship is played during the whole IPL tournament. The player performance will be calculated on the basis of points. And at the end of the each match every players point will be summed to form the virtual team's points. At the end of the tournament, virtual team with maximum point will be the winner. In case of tie, total points of the power player will be compared and team with the highest points will be declared the winner.

Daily Challenge

In Daily Challenge users will be allowed to create a team from the players participating in a particular match. Points will be calculated on the basis of the points scored by all the players of the team. Virtual team with maximum points at the end of each day will be the winner.

Point System in IPL Fantasy League 2017

Batting Points

1. 1 Point per Run.

2. Strike Rate Bonus ( applicable only is player score more than 10 runs)
  • 0-74.99:  -15 Points
  • 75-99.99: -10 Points
  • 100-149.99: + 5 Points.
  • 150-199.99: + 10 Points
  • 200+: + 15 Points.
3. 10 Points For Scoring each 25 Runs

4. 2 Points For Every Six

5. -5 For Getting Out on 0

Bowling Points

1. 20 Points per Wicket Taken

2. Economy Rate Points ( only for player with minimum one complete over)

  • 0 - 5.00: 15 Points.
  • 5.01 - 8.00: 10 Points.
  • 8.01 - 10.00: 5 Points.
  • 10.01 - 12.00: -10 Points.
  • 12.01+: -15 Points.

3. 10 Points every wicket after the first wicket

4. 1 Point Per Dot Ball Bowled

5. 20 Points for Each Maiden Over Bowled

Fielding Points

1. 10 Points For Each Catch out

2. 15 Points For Each Stump out

3. 10 Points For A Run-Out

Prizes for winning IPL Fantasy League

Fantasy League Championship - Individual Mode

  • Overall Winner - Cricket Bat signed by IPL 2017 winners + Autographed Jersey- IPL 2017 winners
  • Top 10 - Autographed Jersey of IPL 2017 winners

Fantasy League Championship - League Mode

  • Chairperson of the Top League - Cricket bat signed by players of IPL 2017 winners
  • Top 10 Members of the Top League - Autographed Jersey of their Favourite Team
  • of the Fan leagues - Toss Coin + Cricket Bat + Autographed Jersey

Daily Championship - Individual Mode

  • Winner of the day gets Autographed Jersey